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GPPF Patch rosters.

I'm sorry for my language - I'm form Latvia and ja ploho govorju po russki poetomu ja budu pisati po anglisskij.

GPPF Patch 4.0.0 - I dont have the right rosters! First of all I install clear PES13, then I downloaded this patch, copy KONAMI folder to My Documents. Patch folder I put in the game folder. I have the new teams, new soundtracks, new kits for new teams, new stadiums etc, BUT I don't have the right rosters. And when I started patch for the first time, I got that kind of message in PES13 - "unable to load because data is from different version download new contents to update data". Maybe that's the case? I watch solutions in internet, the was said to put DLC files in folder - ProgramData/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer/Downloads. I watch this folder, and it's look like this in the screen - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtsy5ydl3h6tksi/Capture.JPG

Hmm, I just saw I dont have these files there! Thats the PES14 folder in ProgramData/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer/Downloads. Then what I have to do?

Maybe someone can help me? I have played all the versions of Russian Super Patch and everything work great, but with this GPPF are roster problems.

Spasibo, zdu otveti.
18.06.2014 в 10:05
omogroso, HI! Greetings from Latgale. Sorry for my English))

I think you have installed PES2013 with diffirent DLC and patch. For txample 1.04. If you want to play GPPF Patch 4.0.0 your game must have DLC 6.0 and patch 1.03.

About folder ProgramData/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/Downloads you must to create this folder. And put there oficial patch.
18.06.2014 в 11:23
Heh, nice to see someone there from Latvia. Rezekne shows really good football this season in Ligue 1.

You know, I realised my mistake and I find the fix - I had wrong files in this "download" folder. That was old files from PES14. I just copied "img" folder files from GPPF patc to this "download" folder and that's it! Everything works! Awesome patch!
18.06.2014 в 13:27
Форум » Сайт » Архив форума » GPPF Patch rosters. (GPPF Patch)
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